Short History

Sport of the millionaires, the golf game finds its origins in Scotland of the 15th century. Some historians say that the beginnings of the sport dates back to Roman times, when they played the game “Paganica” in which athletes used a bent stick to hit a leather ball. Other historians believe that the country of origin for golf is China. A parchment of the Ming Dynasty in 1368 called “Fall Banquet” shows a Chinese imperial family member swinging an object that looks very much like a golf club to hit a ball in order to be sent to a hole. The game reached Europe during the Middle Ages, evolving into various forms in the Netherlands, Germany and England.

Modern game of golf was born in Scotland, where the first written record was made in 1457, when King James II of Scotland banned the game because it was an unwanted occupation for archers learners. For many players route “Old Course” in St. Andrews, dating before 1574 is considered a place of pilgrimage. The first golf course confirmed by Guinness World Records is Musselburgh Links also from Scotland, where the first game was played and officially recognized on March 2, 1672. The oldest golf rules were published in March 1744 for the Company of Gentlemen Golfers, later renamed The Honourable Company of Edinburgh golfers, who played at Lieth, Scotland. The first golf tournament called The Open Championship was played on October 17, 1860 at Pretwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Game of Golf

The major advantage is that the game of golf can be practiced by anyone regardless of age and physical condition. Golf pros are some of the highest paid athletes. Tiger Woods, Gary Player, Lee Westood or some of the top players that win every year tens of millions of dollars. Advantage of professional golf players is that they are not limited by the age like in football or Formula 1.

It is a very good sport for children, besides the chance to become well-paid athletes, they learn a lot about discipline and fair play with very little chance of injury compared to other sports.

Nowadays golf is practiced as a sport for pleasure by business men, top managers and generally open-minded and elevated people. A golf game is a good reason to socialize, many successful businesses and friendships are cemented on the lawn of a golf course. All these advantages have made the game of golf to win new followers. In Eastern Europe the game has gained popularity recently, together with the attention of investors which led to the development of new golf courses and organization of new tournaments. With the advent of golf courses in Bulgaria and Romania golf has become more accessible. get with professional instructors present at all golf clubs.

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